More of our fencers are competing

This past weekend Carlos and Tyler both 16 year old high school students from the Metro East entered their first tournament. It was a Midwest Fencing Guild college league event with 32 fencers hosted by St. Louis University.
Carlos had 3 victories and 2 defeats in his pool round. Tyler had a 4 and 1 record in his pool. Tyler’s only loss was a 3-4 overtime nail biter. Both fencers lost in the Direct Elimination round before they could get to the semi-finals. Carlos ends up in 22nd place. Tyler ends up in 9th place.carlos and tyler

Lane fenced his first Regional Junior and Cadet Circuit tournament. Lane is only 12 but he qualified to compete in this Cadet event for 14-16 year old fencers. Needless to say, this was a tough event for him. He scored on several of the nationally rated fencers in the tournament but not enough bring home a medal. Still, just to stand up to the overwhelming competition is a win in our book.lane at RJCC

Show-Me State Games 2016

The Show-Me State Games invites you to participate in the 2016 Show-Me Fencing Competition July 30 and 31.


This is a US Fencing/St. Louis Division sanctioned event and requires USFA membership.

Non-Missouri residents can participate as long as their State does not have a fencing competition as a part of their own State Games.

In addition to the medals, Case Knives, sponsor of the Fencers of the Corn fencing team, has donated prizes to be awarded to the winners.

To pre-register, click the below link.

Wonderful experiences at the Junior Olympics in Cleveland

The company that made our team jackets asked for a picture of our athletes wearing them. The Junior Olympic National Championships seemed like a good place to take it.
shelb cor team jacket

Getting dressed for Saber on Day one.
shelb cor get ready

Corey on the right.
cor saber2

Shelby on the right.
shelb saber

Corey on the left.
cor saber1

Besides the fencing, we got a chance to take some theme pictures in the snow. OUR Little Red Riding Hood is a fencer. The Wolf better beware!
shelb little red riding hoodshelb little red riding hood2DSC_0740

You only get two guesses.

The top 17, 18, and 19 year old women fencers from each state in the nation have qualified and entered the Junior Olympic National Championships, the top competition for teens in the United States.

Next weekend in Cleveland, 561 of the best will compete in one of the three weapons, epee, foil or saber.

Interestingly, there are only two women in the entire United States who will compete in all three weapons against the best epee fencers AND the best foil fencers AND the best saber fencers.

Hmm. Who might those two fearless ladies be?
coreyshelby with epee