Location scouting

The best discoveries are by accident!

Shelby and I were at Mastodon State Historical site for some photos and we had a little extra time so we headed over to the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge. Great location for a team picnic and fencing photos. We need to make some plans to take the team there some weekend this summer.

Mississippi State Games 2017

State Games of Mississippi. So glad we made the trip.

Chance and Carlos fencing in the motel parking lot the night before the competition.

Y10 Men’s Foil, Tyler wins bronze.
Y12 Men’s Foil, Kierre wins silver, Matthew wins gold.
Y14 Men’s Foil, Chance wins silver.
Senior Men’s Foil, Carlos gets 14th place. Tyler gets 5th.
Senior Men’s Saber, Matthew gets 5th place.

Team Captain and Co-Captain announced.

Team Captain and Co-Captain
It has been 5 years since we last named a team captain. For the past few years our fencers rarely competed. We were mostly a recreational fencing club. Having a team captain was not needed.
This year we began to see more of our fencers compete and with the national championship in St. Louis next summer, we will encourage competition like never before.
I have asked Shelby Korobey to serve as our team captain. Shelby took on a giant leadership role for the team with her spearheading our Trivia Night Fundraiser. She is competing often in tournaments big and small. She comes to practice regularly with the attitude that she will be a little bit better than she was the day before.
I have asked Tyler Forsythe to serve as Shelby’s Co-Captain. This year Tyler moved beyond the recreational fencer into the competitive ranks. He goes out of his way to fence with the younger fencers at practice, helping them become better. He doesn’t mind fencing any weapon if it can help our team.
Both Shelby and Tyler have been incredibly helpful to me this past year. I often ask their opinions on team management issues, scheduling, etc.
We are lucky to have these two young athletes on our team.

Flowers for Mom

Great mix of veteran and beginner fencers for today’s Flowers for Mom, Epee tournament.
Men’s bronze goes to our Daniel.
Men’s silver goes to Terrell who came from Springfield Illinois with a couple brand new fencers who got to try their first competition.
Men’s gold goes to Joe who came up from Memphis to win some flowers for his mom. Joe has graduated but he used to fence at U.S. Naval Academy.
Finally, Women’s gold (plus 3rd place tie in the men’s division) and another bouquet of flowers for her mom, goes to our Shelby.