You only get two guesses.

The top 17, 18, and 19 year old women fencers from each state in the nation have qualified and entered the Junior Olympic National Championships, the top competition for teens in the United States.

Next weekend in Cleveland, 561 of the best will compete in one of the three weapons, epee, foil or saber.

Interestingly, there are only two women in the entire United States who will compete in all three weapons against the best epee fencers AND the best foil fencers AND the best saber fencers.

Hmm. Who might those two fearless ladies be?
coreyshelby with epee

Next stop: 2016 Junior Olympics.

Fencer of the Corn fencers Corey Kilgallon (first photo) and Shelby Korobey (second photo) head to the United Fencing Association’s Junior Olympics this February in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Junior Olympics is the annual championship competition for the top Cadet (14-16 year olds) and Junior (17-19 year olds) from each Division (basically each State) in the United States. It is sponsored by the United States Fencing Association, the fencing governing body for the United States Olympic Committee.

Corey and Shelby both are predominately foil fencers. But because the St. Louis Division (encompassing Southern Illinois and the majority of the State of Missouri) did not have anyone to send to compete in Junior Women’s saber or Junior Women’s epee, we asked both fencers if they were willing to represent our Division in all three events. Being afraid of no challenge! They both agreed.

Our ladies will compete with the best saber fencers in the United States on Friday, the best epee fencers in the United States on Saturday, then the best foil fencers in the United States on Sunday. They have an enormous challenge ahead of them.

Good luck girls!