Fencing Lesson 1: Advance and Retreat

We get requests for training videos from fencers in far away corners of the world.

Lesson 1: advance and retreat.

Knees bent as though you are about to leap. Feet approximately shoulder width apart. Advance with front foot first with a heel – toe motion. Retreat with the rear foot first. Feet never come closer together than shoulder width.

As you can better see at 8 times normal speed, the body does not rock back and forth nor the head bob up and down with the steps.

You should be moving so smoothly that your Fitbit or other fitness tracker doesn’t register ANY steps at all.

Practicing fast is not better. Slow movements practiced perfectly are better.

Fencing on Route 66 in Uranus Missouri

What trip along historic Route 66 would be complete without a stop in Uranus!



A little saber on the back of a flatbed truck.


We were not the only people there that day. We took up the sword once again to entertain a tour bus that pulled into Uranus while we were there.

Shepherd Hills – Case knife collector’s show

On the road before dawn.

Shelby, Tyler, Chance and Pearce were among our fencers to travel to Shepherd Hills in Lebanon Missouri to help entertain the gathered WR Case knife collectors and enthusiasts this past Saturday.


We were not the only entertainment. We got to meet Ryan Dirteater, a professional bull rider currently #13 in the world! There was a bluegrass band, a professional dirt track driver and of course lots and lots of knives and knife exhibitions.








You will not find a nicer group of people than those who work at Shepherd Hills. Every single person we met were good people!

Here you see Shelby talking with a new fan. (If you ever get a chance to meet Shelby, you’ll become a fan too!)
Then as we were finishing up our show, Shepherd Hills and WR Case presented us with collectible / numbered / limited edition 2016 Case Celebration pocket knives. Thanks to everyone involved in this event and everyone we met!


Congratulations to our Cover Girls, and Boy!

Fencers Edge Magazine chose our picture of Shelby and Corey in silhouette as their September ‘cover of the month’.

Back in July they chose another of our pictures of Corey and Joseph as their ‘cover of the month’.
amber waves of grain

We’re proud of our fencers and their photos and it is exciting to have others recognize how great these pictures have turned out.

Case Knife Trade Show at Shepard of the Hills


We couldn’t be more excited! We have been asked by our sponsor, WR Case and Sons Cutlery Company to come to a knife show at Shepard of the Hills in Missouri. Shelby, Chance, Tyler and Pearce will demonstrate fencing to the assembled Case knife collectors and enthusiasts.

If we aren’t too busy putting on the show, we will try to get a bunch of pictures of the event. It’s Saturday, September 10th.