New coach coming to McKendree University fencing

Dear Friends,

Last month I tendered my resignation as Head Fencing Coach at McKendree University.

I was asked not to make a public statement until they had a new coach ready to come aboard.

A new coach has not been officially named but I had email correspondence last week with the expected coach. I’ll leave it to the school to make the official announcement naming him.

I want to thank McKendree for the opportunity they gave me to start this program. They took a chance and it paid off.

Thanks to some great kids and maybe a bit of luck, our team fenced to an 11-4 regular season record in the very first year of our program – against schools 20 and 30 times our size. The fencing program is drawing interest from Olympic team members and world class fencers from countries around the world who are considering attending McKendree. I can see this program being a National Championship contender in the years ahead.

It was hard to make the decision to step down but I feel like I have done all I can do. It is time to hand this program off.

I have been asked if another college fencing program is in my future. I would love a chance to start another winning program but I do not have any offers at this time.

Pearce Wilson

Purdue University Foil competition

Sean, Corey, Nuray and Pearce made the long trip to eat in the Purdue University cafeteria. While we were there Corey and Sean decided to fence the foil competition. (Inside joke… Purdue has the best cafeteria we have ever eaten at!)
corey, sean, pearce

sean, pearce, corey
Corey earned 12th place (2nd in the women’s bracket). Sean earns 15th place.

Midwest Fencing Guild at St. Louis University

Day one: Foil and Saber
SLU fencers 2015
First up is saber. We only have one fencer in the competition.
Mary 3rd saber
Congratulations to Mary Hardig (McKendree) on her 3rd place saber trophy!
Next up is foil.
Pearce and Sean SLU
In foil, Sean takes 8th place, Rory 14th, Shelby 18th (2nd in the women’s bracket), Mary 30th (6th in the women’s bracket), Tiffany 37th place (8th place in the women’s bracket)
Day two: Epee
2015-03-08_13-37-50_912[1]Mat finished in 9th place. Daniel finishes in 11th place. Rory finishes in 19th place.

Midwest Fencing Conference Championships

The McKendree University team competed in the Conference Championships hosted by Northwestern University in Chicago.





McKendree entered the competition seeded #7 in epee, #14 in foil, and #3 in saber. The team fell back a little. At the end of the competition, they finished #10 in epee, #17 in foil, and #5 in saber.

Congratulations on an incredible inaugural season for the McKendree University team.