2015/2016 season rules changes

Several changes mostly at the international level having to do with international points and tournament operational requirements that will not have any effect locally.

A couple we already knew about, 2 mask cords required on strip, lose a meter from beginning of attack if step off side.

A change to team competitions where a substituted fencer can in some cases, return to the match.

800 newton saber gloves required for all levels of competition as of October 1st.

A couple more big ones:
Beginning October 1, 2015 for all sanctioned tournaments ALL tournament officials over the age of 18 must have passed the US Fencing background check. Failure to do so can result in serious penalties against the tournament organizers. This appears to cover referees of course but also any person over 18yo working to help run the tournament, be they volunteer or otherwise.

And another change proposed to take effect sometime this season (implementation date TBD), hard plastic chest protectors will need to be covered by a soft material so sword tips don’t ricochet off like they do now.

Applying research based fencing training methods

We have been testing the application of training ideas outlined in a paper by UK researchers.


The paper discusses exercises needed for successful strength and conditioning training of world class fencers. It gives suggestions for a specific training program.

The training program outlined by the researchers is not that different from training we are already doing but their findings suggest a way to combine a variety of training exercises and quantify a fencer’s progress from week to week.

The amount of time our fencers have available for training is short. We can’t afford a training tool that serves a single purpose. We need a system that simultaneously trains for strength & conditioning AND gives skills reinforcement. We also need a training system that can be executed one-on-one with a coach or in a group setting.

We are adapting their program to sync with our system of Cobra / Mongoose / Tiger.

Last night was our second trial. We don’t have it perfected but I like what I see so far.

Show-Me State Games 2015

We were asked by the State Games of Missouri to run the fencing competition again this year.

Unfortunately, because of vacation schedules and injuries only two of our fencers were able to fence in it. But the rest of us had a good time helping put it on.

We need to thank some friends who without we would not have been able to do it: Chris French, from the Point Fencing Club, Blake Woolley from the University of Illinois fencing team, Parkway Fencing Club, the University of Missouri Fencing team, Geongsik Lee from the University of Missouri/Science and Technology fencing team, and of course our own Yinka Adewale, Tiffany Anderson and Corey Kilgallon.

The venue was courtesy of Columbia College. This picture was taken during the epee competition on Sunday. You can see what a beautiful space this is.
showme epee progress

Men’s and Women’s Saber Medalists:
showme saber

Men’s and Women’s Foil Medalists:
showme foil

Men’s Epee Medalists:
showme men epee

Women’s Epee Medalists:
showme women epee

And finally, we had the honor of hosting a fencer from the Philippines. May Montenegro was visiting family in the States and made a special side trip so she could fence with us.
showme May Montenegro

The Pirate!

Be a Pirate

This is from a tournament on the docks of the Scioto River in downtown Columbus Ohio a few years ago. The fencers are on the top deck of the full size replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship The Santa Maria, that is moored there.

The fencer on the left is our Brett Beussink. Brett was a high school junior at the time of this picture. He graduated from Illinois State University, Spring 2015.

They held the main tournament on the docks in front of the ship. Then they held an additional ‘one-touch’ epee event on the top deck of the Santa Maria.

This was a VERY cool tournament!!! Probably the best we have ever attended.