The Reapers Fencing Team

the reapers
The Fencers of the Corn is proud to add the Reapers Fencing Team to our club family.

junior reapers
With the addition of youth fencing classes it is time to add a team for our grade school fencers.

Once graduated 8th grade our fencers can transition to Millstadt Venture Crew, our team for teens. Then those few who are serious competitors will have the opportunity to move up to the Gateway Death Angels.
bluff grangeFencers from each of the Fencers of the Corn teams: The Reapers, Millstadt Venture Crew and The Gateway Death Angels.

Congratulations to Lane Demick

laneLane wins the gold medal today in the Y14 foil competition hosted by Buccaneer Blades Fencing in Wentzville, Missouri. Lane has previously competed in one unofficial event but this was his first real tournament. Lane has been training with the Fencers of the Corn for a few months and is learning fast. Lane was undefeated on the day.

Fencers of the Corn Assistant Coach, Corey Kilgallon was on hand for strip side coaching. This was her first time in this official capacity. She did a great job.

Our thanks to Buccaneer Blades for hosting the event.

First flight of the new Gateway Death Angels fencing team

corey angel
Gateway Death Angels Fencing Team announces the first two members of its 2015/16 season roster, Tyler Forsythe and Corey Kilgallon. The GDA fencing squad is reserved for our most serious young adult competitive fencers.

Ty Forsythe is a 5’10” left handed foilist from Freeburg, Illinois. GDA Coach Pearce Wilson describing Forsythe, “Ty has a promising future in the sport of fencing. Physically he is ready and he has the intelligence needed to be a great fencer but he will have to work hard this season to improve his blade skills.”

Corey Kilgallon is a 5’6” right handed foilist from Millstadt, Illinois. Kilgallon is a 2 time Junior Olympian. Said Coach Wilson about Kilgallon, “We treaded water the last two years with Corey’s growth as a fencer while I was occupied developing the McKendree University fencing program. I couldn’t give her the coaching attention she needed. I am happy to be back coaching her full time. Corey will start the season on injured reserve. She is recovering from a non-fencing related foot injury and she is not ready to compete. I expect to enter her in some small rehab competitions by late October.” Besides her competitive fencing career, Kilgallon served one year as Assistant Coach for the McKendree University Fencing Team while still in high school. She currently teaches fencing classes at the Fencers of the Corn Fencing Club near Belleville where she is Assistant Coach.

The team will continue to add athletes to the roster in the coming weeks and months.

The Gateway Death Angels fencing team is available for demonstrations.
If you would like to have our athletes put on a demonstration of Olympic fencing at your school, business or organization please email:

New classes forming now!

How do I join? Easy!
Call Coach Wilson at (314) 974-3078 or email us at:

The classes do not have a defined start and stop date so don’t worry about missing a first class or two.

— Adult Women Fencing class
— Coed Adult Fencing class
— 6-9 year old fencing class
— 10-13 year old fencing class
— Advanced Fencing class for competitive fencers
— Fitness class designed for competitive fencers
— Tai Chi class

And we have expanded the open fencing practice sessions to 4 hours a night, two nights a week.

Day, Time and Cost Details —> Click Here.

September 15th classes to be rescheduled

Above the post update
And now we know why were were invited to the Annual Dinner. Our own Corey Kilgallon was named the Show-Me State Games Female Volunteer of the Year.
Corey at Showme
And yes, everyone wants to have their picture taken with Miss Kilgallon!
The past two years Fencers of the Corn have been among the nearly 1500 volunteers who helped make the Show-Me State Games the largest and most successful state games in the United States. In 2014 the Fencers of the Corn nominated volunteer won the Sportsperson of the Year award. In 2015 the Fencers of the Corn nominated volunteer won the Female Volunteer of the Year award.

We don’t make you successful. Our job is to get you to that place where you have a chance to be successful. The rest is up to you.

Original copy:
The Fencers of the Corn coaches have been asked to attend the State of Missouri/Show-Me State Games Awards Dinner September 15th in Columbia Missouri.

No classes Tuesday September 15.

Seeking talented instructors

Yoga, Dance and Music Instructors Wanted
Music, dance and fencing are strongly correlated skills.
The Fencers of the Corn are looking for more activities to add to the calendar. We are considering adding Yoga, dance and music classes. If you are an instructor and would like to teach a class in your specialty please contact us at

You like us. You really like us!

We got a nice couple emails from a new fencing club on the West Coast asking if they could use some of our Fencers of the Corn pictures and asking if we had a favorite quote we could send them they can put on the wall of their fencing club.

The quote I sent is one our fencers have heard me say over the years,

“If the distance is right, any attack is good enough.
If the distance is wrong, no attack is good enough.”